A downloadable wandergame for Windows, macOS, and Linux

mundo lixo (moondo leesho) is a wandergame with no objective or goal
explore freely and quit when you feel like it

W A S D or arrow keys to move
SPACE to jump
MOUSE to look around

made with junk from previous abandoned prototypes

inspired by AM16

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux


mundolixo_apples.zip 35 MB
mundolixo_linuxes.zip 34 MB
mundolixo_windows.zip 20 MB


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me senti no lixão da mãe lucinda, amei! mano, seu trampo é 10/10.

gostei d+


Muito imersivo cara. Feliz por ver que você vem crescendo como artista :) 




I really enjoyed this game. It looks cool and is quite relaxing. Thanks!


aeeee jogo brasileiro

Eu acho que ele traduziu "Trash World" no google ;-;


Hey terri, how are you?

I have a question, you how long did you take to make this game?


Hey! Its been a while so I don't remember exactly, but I think it was around two weeks. A lot of the assets I used from previous prototypes though.

Thanks! Will show your game in a workshop, as an example about 3D exploration games, that's ok?


yeah! that sounds cool

Love your art, and all the creatures are so cute!  Thanks for having a Linux version btw, not common and much appreciated.

I've been here for years

But I like this place, because

It's the only place.

This game fits well with depressing music. I love it.

Loved it. Gives me memories. Not sure where they are from.

(1 edit)

i dig it! thanks for sharing! :D

Hello, friend! How to contact you by email about this game?

My e-mail is terrivellmann@gmail.com

Wandering the wonderful wastes with surprises over every trashy knoll.

Really peaceful cute little game. Thumbs Up.


I really loved this. Made a friend and found a lot of cool stuff in the trash, it was a good time.

thats awesome!


your visual design is just the best

hey, thanks clovelt!

nice one terri :)

thanks bud